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The Benefits of Smart Plumbing Accessories

plumbing technology with smart features

Did you know there are some technological plumbing innovations for your home that save energy and are eco-friendly?

We are going to take a look at brain pipes, eco-friendly parts, smart appliances, LED temperature displays, and greywater. Working with your contractor, you can find access these supplies for any remodel or new build.

Keep reading if you want to learn more about plumbing technology and how to transform your home!

Plumbing Technology

Below are examples of smart plumbing technology that is beneficial for both residential and commercial properties.

Brain Pipes

Did you know that brain pipes are automation plumbing systems that allow you to reduce your water footprint and conserve natural resources?

They can even help prevent future damage from leaks that could cost tons of money to repair and replace.

Brain pipes monitor your entire building or home, and they are created to detect the location of breakage or leak. Then, it will send you an alert, telling you where the problem area is. How cool is that?

Eco-Friendly Parts

People are becoming more and more environmentally aware and thus asking for more green, efficient plumbing parts. This change is due to the rising expense of electricity and water. However, people are also more aware of their carbon footprint and want to reduce their environmental impact.

They seek efficient shower-heads, faucets, and toilets with low flush ability. Working your contractor, you can find a supplier to address all your water needs from the kitchen to your bathrooms.

Smart Appliances

Did you know that a significant trend is the use of smart home devices, such as toilets, water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines?

There are many amazing machines out there now that is difficult to stay up to date with the level of technology being utilized.

For example, some appliances now come installed with computer chips that will control things like water temperature, wash settings, water conservation, and automated cycles.

They can sync with your smart devices so that you can manage them on the go. Then you can track what is cycling through your water system!

LED Temperature Display

Some appliances and faucets some attached with LED lighting. This option allows you to watch temperature control. Bathroom faucets can give you the temperature reading of the water pouring out and use LED lighting to guide you.

If the water plate turns blue, the water is cold. If it becomes red, it is hot! They use a built I-magnet that generates power through the water flow.

Greywater Recycling

This option is a new way that people save resources and recycle.

Did you know that greywater is water gently used from your showers, tubs, bathroom sinks, and washing machines? It is not dirty but could contain traces of food, dirt, or cleaning products.

If it is not used, this water flows back into our natural water systems, such as lakes and rivers.

These trace elements can become pollutants.

However, it is not harmful to plants and can be used as an excellent fertilizer. You can use it safely for your irrigation system, thus transferring it to your yard to keep it healthy. This process will also help restore the natural cycle of water because the greywater is then filtered naturally back into the groundwater aquifers.

We Can Help

If you want to upgrade your system with new plumbing technology, we hope you enjoyed this article. Working with your contractor, you can make choices that reflect your environmental concerns and positively impact your utility bills.

We can help you make this transition, whether you are doing a small remodel or a major build. We will help you take on these new and exciting projects to make your home a smart home. Contact us today!

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