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The Benefits of Installing Smart Home Devices for Your Kitchen or Bath

install smart home devices

Keeping your home clean is important for your family's health and for the sake of appearances. Few people will admit to enjoying the process.

Some are fortunate to be able to hire someone else to do the dirty work. Usually, many of us are on our own when it comes to housework.

During the 1970s, Frances Gabe had invented the first self-cleaning home. Sadly, unless you want to live inside a giant washing machine, this is not a good choice for you.

There are other options. As many contractors have learned, smart home devices have arrived to make your life, and the lives of your clients, that much easier.

What Are Smart Home Devices?

These modern-day gadgets take responsibility for their own cleanliness.

The entire process is completely automated. Some of them are programmable with a self-cleaning function after each use. Others are compatible with your smart phone for effortless operation.

Robotic vacuum cleaners and window cleaners will clean up after you if you press the right buttons.

Many of these modern gadgets are plug-and-go, such as self-cleaning cat litter boxes and window-cleaning robots. For others, you'll need the help of a qualified technician.

Which Devices Can Contractors Install for You?

Nowadays, we have the technology to take the sting out of household chores. Whenever you hire a contractor to perform repairs on your house or if you're remodeling, ask them about smart devices to replace your old items instead.

The initial cost may be a little more, but you will enjoy the energy and time-saving benefits these devices offer.

Let's look at some of the smart solutions currently available for your kitchen and bath.

Self-Cleaning Toilets

Surveys show that toilet-cleaning is the one chore that Americans hate the most.

Well, that could soon be a thing of the past. If you are considering a bathroom upgrade, speak to your contractor about the latest in self-cleaning toilets.

These beauties use the abrasive qualities of water to clean the toilet bowl with every flush. A little toilet-cleaning fluid adds the final flourish for a germ-free outcome.

Smart Touch Faucets

Your kitchen faucet now has the ability to help you clean up with a simple touch. Modern kitchen faucets make cleaning and doing the dishes convenient. By lightly touching the spout, a smart touch faucet will turn on and do its job.

Some models offer touch controls to adjust water temperature and help to conserve water as well.

Smart Self-Cleaning Ovens

Ovens that clean themselves have been around for a while but the newer, smarter versions do it better.

Ask your contractor about installing one of the new versions of these which uses steam instead of extreme heat to clean up after cooking. This method is much safer, uses a fraction of the energy, and provides a better finish.

Although these aren't smart phone compatible yet, they are simple to operate. All you do is pour a cup of water into the cavity, flip a switch, and leave it to its own devices for 30 minutes.

Dishwashers of the Future

New, smaller dishwashers are in design as we speak. These fit into the kitchen sink and wash dishes as they arrive.

Although they aren't available yet, ask your contractor about smart dishwasher options anyway. It won't be long before these designs become reality.

Move with the Times

Some contractors may not be familiar with all the latest home cleaning innovations. If you need any guidance, put them in touch with us.

We'll get them on track towards upgrading your home with the latest and best bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

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