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Work Smarter with a New Faucet

modern kitchen faucets

Are you thinking about a kitchen remodel?

Don't forget one of the hardest working parts in any kitchen -- the faucet.

Modern kitchen faucets make it possible to look stylish and improve your workflow. There are more ways than ever before to add a stylish and updated touch to one of the most visited and beloved rooms in your home.

Keep reading to learn about the latest technology for your kitchen sink.

New Modern Kitchen Faucets

When you remodel your kitchen, add convenience and safety with a high-tech faucet.

Choose modern kitchen faucets to make cooking, cleaning, and doing the dishes easier.

Smart Touch Faucet

Lightly touch the spout of a smart touch faucet with the back of your hand or wrist and it turns on the water. This option is a lifesaver when your hands are dirty or loaded with dishes.

Some models have touch controls that adjust the water temperature. You can buy a faucet that pairs with a touchscreen to control water pressure, temperature, and flow. The touchscreen also alerts you to any problems or malfunctions.

Faucets with Motion Sensors

An infrared or motion sensor faucet turns on and off when it senses the wave of your hand or a utensil. You don't have to touch it at all!

Hold a vase or cup to the sensor and water pours. It's truly hands-free.

Motion sensor faucets are cleaner because germs aren't spread by hand contact with the handles.

The faucet handles operate manually for temperature and water flow control.

Articulating Faucets

Have you heard of articulating modern kitchen faucets?

You'll want one if you're tired of the limited back and forth motion of a traditional faucet.

Articulating faucets have multiple joints, folding necks, and spouts on pullout hoses. These faucets have a flexible range of motion and extended reach.

You can put water exactly where you want and need it. No more splashing or spilling when you rinse dishes or clean up after a meal.

Two-Headed Faucets

Another type of high-tech kitchen faucets has two taps: one for filtered water and the other for non-filtered. Both taps extend from one stem.

Light Show

Want to add a light show to your kitchen sink? Choose a kitchen faucet with built-in lighting.

You'll see soft white lights illuminate the water stream. However, these lights are more than decorative. Red and blue lights indicate the temperature of the water.

This signal prevents surprises caused by water that's too hot or too cold.

The lights are available on smart touch and motion sensor faucets.

Modern Faucets Conserve Water

Faucet manufacturers understand that consumers want more than basic functionality from a faucet.

It's important for modern kitchen faucets to conserve water. The precise on and off action of motion and touch faucets eliminates wasted water.

An articulating faucet reduces water waste. Its direct aim reaches deep vases and far corners with precision.

Ready to Buy a High-Tech Faucet?

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