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5 Tips for Finding a Great Wholesaler You Can Work With

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Every year, the U.S. construction industry creates over $1 trillion worth of structures.

As a construction contractor, this is good news. Whether you practice your trade in the residential or commercial construction sector, there really is never a shortage of customers.

This, though, isn't to say there is no competition in the industry. With new contractors setting up shop every day and the big construction firms casting their nets far and wide, you need to take every measure to stay ahead of the competition.

One of the best measures? Work with a great wholesaler of construction materials.

How do you find great suppliers? Keep reading to find out.

1. Don't Make Price a Priority

You're in business to turn out a tidy profit. Everyone is.

However, if you lay too much emphasis on widening your margins in every project, you'll likely end up with bad suppliers.

How so?

To increase your margins without overcharging your clients, you'll have to settle for cheap, low-quality building materials. It's the bad suppliers who have a reputation for stocking low-quality materials because they're after quick cash.

When the price is not your priority, you stand a better chance of getting great suppliers with trusted products.

2. Make Use of Your Connections

In construction, connections are very valuable. Sometimes you'll secure a project, only to find you need to bring on board a few subcontractors or source specific building materials in a very short time.

When you have connections, all you need to do is make a few calls.

Use the connections you've built to find the best suppliers. Ask other contractors which distributor works best for them.

Draw up a list if you get a couple of names and then use other factors to find a great one.

3. Avoid Only Big-Name Suppliers

For many construction contractors, big-name suppliers are a tempting prospect.

After all, these suppliers check most of the boxes: reliability, good discounts, and good customer service.

Take a moment and also consider their smaller competitors.

Smaller suppliers have a reputation to build, a customer base to grow, and a market to conquer. They often go the extra mile to provide excellent customer service, the best prices, and high-quality materials.

4. Stay on Top of Industry News

Every year, there are new, better construction materials and equipment on the market.

You need a wholesaler who keeps tabs on such products and stocks them. When you use the latest construction technologies, you'll deliver stronger and more efficient buildings, often at a cheaper cost.

The challenge is how do you find a supplier who is on top of industry trends?

Easy. Regularly read industry magazines and construction blogs. You'll find profiles of the suppliers who stock the latest products after which you can make your move to build a relationship with them.

5. Track Performance

Once you find a wholesaler who covers all your areas of concern, the best way to know they'll live up to your expectations is to track their performance.

Ensure you sign a contract that outlines the terms of supply. This way, you can easily hold your wholesaler to account if, for instance, they deliver substandard materials.

Also, keep track of delivery times, prices, and customer service. If there is an aspect you're not satisfied with, perhaps it's time to look elsewhere.

Find a Wholesaler Who Understands Your Needs

Even with the information covered here, it can still be challenging to pick out a great supplier.

At Winsupply of Conway, we're committed to providing excellent services, products from the brands you trust, and local accountability. Contact us for your next project.

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